Organizational And Global Ethical Culture And The Benefits Of Business Ethics

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Question 1
Developing an Organizational and Global Ethical Culture and the Benefits of Business Ethics

Define what is meant by an organizational ethical culture. Then, identify and describe the four primary benefits of business ethics.
An organizational ethical culture encompasses various sections of the company and represents how things are done internally and externally. Ethical culture for organizations also represents the ethical behavior they present as well as the relations of an ethical system that creates, sustains, and maintain ethical behavior throughout all sectors (Madu, B., 2012). Having good moral decisions while pushing forth through the forces and factors that are negative, sets an organizational value of ethics in a positive light. Corporate ethical culture is a multi-system framework in which aligns with ethical judgments and actions and becomes the essential component of the company’s culture. Furthermore, the effects of the ethical climate and culture on ethical behavior are even supported across cultures.
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These characteristics represent the external side of the organization. However, the internal side components of ethics related to the role models, norms, daily conduct of staff members, organizational rituals, and how they provide support through the implications of behavior and language body utilized by all staff members (Madu, B., 2012). Other important concepts for an organization to establish an ethical culture is through the means of teaching employees and staff how to conduct situations in an ethical manner, enforces what is to be done correctly to be expected, and can sometimes include the reward and punishment system the organization maintains as well as the myths of the company from other perspectives (Madu, B.,

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