The Myers Briggs Personality Test Essay

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Test has identified that I have the Extrovert, Sensor, Thinker and Judger (ESTJ) personality type (Jung, n.d.). The different elements of the personality type indicate how I prefer to receive energy, gather information, make decisions and orient my life (Kroeger, O., Thuesen J. M., Rutledge, H., 2002). By understanding how each of the sections of my personality work individually and together as a whole I will be able to become a more open minded and productive individual in my career and in my personal life. As I begin to learn the Typewatching technique I will become better able to understand my colleagues and other people in my life (Kroeger et al., 2002).

Hobgood’s Myers-Briggs Personality Test
Step 1
As an extrovert, being around other people and the excitement of being involved in making things happen energizes me (Kroeger, O., Thuesen J. M., Rutledge, H., 2002). In my professional life as a Human Resources Business Partner I am involved with leaders of various clinical units daily and tend to take the lead during group discussions. A career in human resources has allowed me to meet and interact with hundreds of individuals, which is a key component and satisfier of my extraverted personality (Kroeger et al., 2002). One aspect of being an extrovert that I consider a weakness is my tendency to over talk others or push my opinions and beliefs on others, specifically during strategic planning meetings with my…

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