The Music Of Visual Culture Essay

1375 Words Jan 29th, 2016 null Page
Visual culture is all around us, from this laptop that I am typing on to the house that I am living in. Visuality has a huge connecting to the way we view images and objects and how we make and contribute to the meaning of the visual. The images we are fed through the media and social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to name a few can have a huge impact on shaping one’s character.

To say that it may seem as though images are innocent and have no real impact on those viewing them, would be a naïve statement and one that needs rethinking. Visual culture can lead to certain images, people, objects, etc. to have either positive or negative connotations to them. It is important to critically analyze the visual and not take the visual just as it is.

The image that I will be analyzing is a still from the singer Beyoncé’s music video for her song Video Phone. For the denotative meaning, in the image, there is a grey background with Beyoncé standing in the middle of two males and there is a slight spotlight on her. Beyoncé is wearing a green jumpsuit that is long-sleeved, with no leg coverings but also has on green thigh high boots. She is wearing shades and is holding a clutch and has a low, sleek ponytail. She is slightly bent over, with her butt perked up and mouth open.
The two males in the image are both wearing the same outfit, grey suits, with white dress shirts and black ties. However, they have cameras as their heads. The man to the right of…

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