The Music Of A High School Band Concert Essay

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Imagine sitting in the audience of a high school band concert. The beautiful sounds that flow from their instruments fill every single inch of the auditorium. The young musicians continue to show off all the hard work that they had put into the concert for the past couple of months. They may have learned numerous musical skills along the way, but they have also learned another important skill that doesn’t only apply to music: social skills. These young musicians have not only become more skilled with their own instrument, but also more skilled with working with the other musicians. One of the biggest benefits that comes from being in band is gaining the social benefit of working together, as it will prepare the participants for life outside of music. Learning to work with others and incorporating everyone’s ideas into a certain situation is a skill that is very much improved on while participating in band. While most people have no problems coming up with and using their own ideas for various tasks, those same people also struggle with using their ideas together in a group setting. This happens on a daily basis in band, and the results definitely show. According to Beth Cummings “What we see is that the students become more self-assured . . . Band students are problem-solvers. They understand a sense of community and working together, and these are all the skills employers are looking for . . . ” (Toothman). Participants in band are forced to not only pay attention…

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