The Murder Of Claudius Second Entry Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… 4th Entry; Most foul, strange and unnatural. Claudius kills, for the crown and the wife's hand of my father. He shall pay dearly with his life. My revenge is going to be sweet sorrow, for when I slay Claudius, the country will know of these intentions which he had. Act 2: 1st Entry; I displayed an act of madness to Ophelia. Hopefully, she will tell this to her father which will then tell the King, that I have gone mad. 2nd Entry; I met with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They were acting quite different. I hope that I could trust these fellow companions. I greeted the players, which will be acting in the play, which I have written. "The Murder of Gonzago". This play reveals what might have happened on the night of the murder. Cleverly put together, I have shown Claudius' intentions in the murder. While this play takes place, I shall wait for a moment of weakness, for then I could strike. I will test Claudius' guilt, in the re-enacted murder. 3rd Entry; Again, hurt Ophelia. I insulted her and all women in that manner. Who cares? They all ask for it! I think that Ophelia is very offended, and I know that is not how to treat one who I contradictory have feelings …show more content…
I have always wanted to see England. 3rd Entry; Fortenbras moved me. He is a good man. Strong at heart. For Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, well I have a little something for them. 4th Entry; I wrote a letter to Horatio, explaining my escape from England. I have escaped from England, by switching the initial letter for one of my own letting me off the hook. God rest Rosencrantz and guildensterns' soul for they are about to take my penalty of murder. 5th Entry; I return to Denmark for a surprise visit. 6th Entry; I met two grave diggers preparing a grave. I saw an old skull obviously from a previously dug grave, who in no other then Yorick, a court jester. He entertained me as a kid, and I couldn't quite help but seeing this and thinking that this could be where I am headed. He was a man like I; witty, strong, and lost in thought. Could this be a sign of fate revealing my future? 7th Entry; As I was poking around in Yoricks' grave thinking, I saw a funeral headed towards me and this is where I learn that my dear Ophelia has died. I am shocked. Could I have been the one who brought this upon Ophelia? Of course it was I. I mean I murdered her father; like how Claudius murdered my

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