The Murder Case: Royce Triplett, Kenneth Hubbard And Marcus Maher

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In the murder case of an African- American lady named Martha investigators have narrowed their search do to three possible suspects. The three suspects are Royce Triplett, Kenneth Hubbard and Marcus Maher. Now none of the possible suspect is family members of Martha but has had some form of interaction with her in the past whether it is church related or neighborhood related she knew all three of them. Therefore, we will have to look at the evidence and determine which one of these three men could be the person who in fact killed and raped Martha.
Now the first suspect Royce Triplett is an African-American male who is 44 years old and stands 5’11” with a weight of 167 lbs. Mr. Triplett is a member of Martha’s church and they sing in the choir together and he has been divorced twice. Unfortunately, Martha and Mr. Triplett have been out for coffee a couple of times in the past and he has stressed his interest in taking her out on a date but she declines his offer because he is too young for her. Although, he has asked her for a date and been turned down he is not content with just being her friend. Therefore, on a few occasions he has acted possessive toward
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He has the height and weight that it would take to overpower Martha. He was also upset because he didn’t get the reward from her for Keeper, so he decided to break into her house and take what he could in order to get paid. There is also the fact that Keeper knew him better than any of the other suspect even though Marcus had been in her house a few times, it only states that he saw Keeper with her when she confronted him and his friends in the park and as we know she kept Keeper outside chained to the fence and Royce had never been to her house or seen Keeper from the information we have received from the scenario. Therefore, it couldn’t be him because Keeper would have barked if he had come in the yard because he would not have known

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