The Multidimensional Approach Essay

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I. The Multidimensional Approach
Under the personal dimensions, the psychological person is the dimension that has the most influence on Maisie at her age of nine years old. In the multidimensional approach, the psychological person encompasses the mental processes of a person, taking into account the mind and the way that they think, emotions they may feel, and their perception of themselves (Hutchison, 2013). This concept is the most relevant to Maisie because the issues that she and her family were going through were all due to Maisie’s feeling on her past couple of years, her psychological state in that time period, and how she viewed her relationship with others, especially Sue, Maisie’s adoptive mother. Since most of those issues were due to Maisie’s cognitions, the therapy she received was powerful to her recovery towards a stable state because they worked out her emotions, her feelings, and the details of her life that she had always bottled in. The concept of the psychological person is what the film on Maisie’s life revolves around in that moment in time. Not only did the personal dimension play a huge role in Maisie’s life, but the time dimensions of the multidimensional approach also impacted Maisie greatly. Linear time, in particular, not only goes hand in hand with the psychological person, but its key components make it easier to understand Maisie, her family, and their hardships. Linear time is used to explain and understand the chronological order of a…

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