The Movie ' Wes Andersons Fantastic Mr. Fox ' Essay

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Identity is defined as knowing who someone is and the qualities that makes a person different. Understanding and accepting ones’ identity is an issue many individuals have difficulty with. To this day, individuals will attempt to fulfill certain roles while suppressing their personal needs and wants. Coming to terms with one’s identity is a strenuous and satisfying process. The theme of identity can be found in many films and narratives. In Wes Andersons Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Anderson explores conflicting identities in a family setting. Anderson uses quirky dialogue and unique visuals to help the audience identify which characters are struggling with their identity. Wesley Wales “Wes” Anderson is an American director, screen writer, actor, and producer. Anderson is known for his distinctive visual and narrative style. His films feature symmetric and uncrowded screen shots, pastel color schemes, unique characters and dialogue, and quirky comedy. All of these elements can be found in his film Fantastic Mr. Fox. Fantastic Mr. Fox was released in 2009 and includes renown actors George Clooney and Meryl Streep. This film revolves around a fox and his relationship with his family and the community. At the beginning of the film, the audience sees a fox and his wife stealing squabs. After being caught, Felicity, Mr. Foxs’ wife, reveals she is pregnant. Felicity then asks Mr. Fox, “If we 're still alive in the morning I want you to find another line of work.” (Fantastic Mr.…

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