The Movie ' The Boy With The Striped Pajamas `` By John Boyne

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There is no doubt that war is evil. It is one of the most destructive things that can befall on human beings. War brings death, destruction, slaughter, starvation and chaos. In the novel, “ The Boy with the Striped Pajamas”, written by John Boyne, follows the period of the holocaust where a young German boy named Bruno discovers a Jewish boy on another side of a fence. Through his friends stories, We get a glipse of the hardships that Jewish people had to go through. In the article, “THE WWII STRUGGLE THAT TIME FORGOT,” written by Michael Luongo, follows the history of WWII through the eyes of a polish resistance fighter and the struggles he faced during his time in the war. In the movie, “The Book Thief,” directed by Brian Percival, shows a story of a adopted girl and her family in Germany as they help a Jewish refugee named Max. The movie demonstrates how life in Germany was at the time of WWII and the hardships that everyone faced. Through the article, “For Many Injured Veterans, A Lifetime of Consequences,” the harmful affects of war is written about Veterans who have came back from war and have physical or emotional damage. War is evil, it brings nothing but negativity and misfortune to everyone. Throughout the articles, books and movie, the physical, emotional and mental damages of war is displayed.

Many veterans suffer from many types of injuries, physical injuries being the most noticeable and talked about. In Rich Morin 's article, he wrote that, “ these 2.2…

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