The Movie ' Silent Sky ' Essay

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After seeing the play, Silent Sky, it opened my eyes to all of the inequality that occurred during the time of the early 1900’s. During this time, women didn’t have equal roles as men did when it came to work and opportunities. Silent Sky is an educational play that teaches the lesson on how a person should follow their dreams, never stop fighting for their rights, and not give up on their dreams. The play had five actors, with one actor playing only one character. The main character, Henrietta Leavitt, is an inspiring astronomer who began working at Harvard University. She was not allowed to touch a telescope, and her job was to analyze and calculate stars from images. This play is a story of making right decisions. Henrietta had to choose between work and family obligations back in her hometown, Wisconsin. The moral of this play is that decisions have to made that can be hard or not what a person wants to choose. There were five actors to play the characters. Henrietta Leavitt was played by Katie Piper, Margaret Leavitt was played by Sarah Lambert, Peter Shaw was played by Morgan Gates, Annie Cannon was played by Julia Whalen, and Williamina Fleming was played by Beth Ryan. All of the actors were convincing of the roles they played, and I didn’t dislike any of the actors. Having to choose one favorite actor or character from this play is very difficult, but my favorite actor would be Ms. Ryan, who played the character Williamina Fleming. She was my favorite actor…

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