The Movie Look Up By Gary Turk Essay

1110 Words Nov 4th, 2015 5 Pages
Disconnect When you ask someone if their house was on fire and they could only grab one thing, most of the time their response is “my phone” or some kind of electronic device. Think about how much time you spend with technology during a day. Now, think about how much of that time you’ve spent “connecting” with people. In the short film Look Up by Gary Turk he shows you the consequences of staying plugged in during life. You connect to the internet, but not your friends. Then again, how can you call them friends when all they see are the parts edited or picked out? Gary Turk makes a good point, but we do not need to get rid of it all together. For my first point, people let technology consume their lives until that is all they do. Technology is becoming something people are dependent on more and more. Technology hasn’t taken over the Earth, we’re not even controlled by it, but we do choose to live in a way that this technology changes our lives. In fact, “90% of American adults own a smart phone” (Pew Research Center). I know that I personally do not have a cell phone and I have to limit my time on the laptop at my house. This lifestyle without technology is something I’ve found to be much more enriching. When I hang out with someone, I don’t want to sit there while they are on their phone the whole time. In the video he says, “A world where we’re slaves to the technology we’ve mastered” (Turk). Having so much technology be involved in life is becoming a normal thing…

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