The Movie Higher Learning Essay

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Higher Learning; Gift and a Curse

Higher Learning is a book made into a film which carries deep social and cultural issues that has plagued America since the time of its establishment. In this book, the author John Singleton sheds light on the never ending issues of education, racist, sexual abuse; social class, gender, and sexual orientation are faced head on. As a collection of freshman college students from all different walks of life they all come as one at Columbus University having to clash with stereotypes and prejudice in a new atmosphere. For illustration in the book, a ordinary white teenager from Idaho has a culture shock at his new school joins a Nazi bunch of criminals because they are the first friends he made,
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Phipps challenges them think on a higher level hence the title of the movie. Kristen also has to encounter deviance was she gets rape after a party by Billy. Billy and Kristen like each other so Kristen decides to sleep with him and goes to his frat house, rape occurred when she asked Billy to stop and put on a condom. He didn’t stop and she started to scream and she finally kicks him off of her and runs. Like most cases of rape she did not report because of fear of humiliation, 67% of date rape situation are committed by people who know one another (U.S. Bureau of justice Statistics, 2005). Singleton made gender stratification a clear point he want to call attention to in the book. The name gender stratification means the unequal distribution or wealth, power and privilege between woman and men. The author uses gender to portrait woman where are weak and low on self-esteem. Singleton shows Kristen as a fragile, powerless female unable to protect herself. To be honest, Singleton made all the woman in the film look frail and helpless against a male figure. Gender roles where clearly defined is this picture from Kristen being raped but is too scared to tell the police to Monet having Fudge fight Billy for calling her a “black bitch” .It seems as though Singleton wants it to look as if the men have all of the power, nevertheless things have change I think this movie open up a lot of eyes because today woman don’t need men for anything. Racism is the belief

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