The Movie ' Captain Fantastic ' Essay

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Captain Fantastic
In this essay I will talk about the movie “Captain Fantastic”. A movie that has touched my heart in many ways. I will describe my fieldtrip feels, my observations and feelings from the first shot. I will go into seeking what character takes the role of protagonist and antagonist and the cinematography. I will also merge the movie with the book “Magic and loss” and identify the values and the way the main characters have similar ideas.
The Movie theaters are great, high resolution TV with comfortable seats in a dark cubicle, with an amazing sound system you get a quality glance at the film. But one of the most important aspects of experiencing a good time in the cinema, is going with a group of friends. My class is full of unique and talented people, and sometimes it 's hard to make the first step to socializing with them. Going together to a cinema as a group of friends, was an ice breaker. Walking to the theater I 've bonded with a few classmates, turns out we have interest in common. We talked about the great movie theaters that are around Oakland, or how our personalities are so hyper that others think we are doing drugs, funny isn 't it? When we entered the theater, the smell of fresh made popcorn pulled us to the cashier, I resisted. But many of us bought drinks, I find movie theater Cola so delicious and special, every time I take a sip, I feel that bubbly sweetness that occupies my senses, gives that refreshing taste of happiness. Entering the dark…

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