Essay about The Movie ' Avengers : Age Of Ultron, Tony Stark

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Men through centuries have felt entitled to own and posses women. In the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark, the character played by Robert Downey Jr said that he would reinstitute prima nocta if he were king of Asgard; prima nocta is the right of a king to bed a woman on her wedding night. Women are then equated with things that can be possessed by men. The belief of men to have rights to women reminded me of the actions of Elliot Rodger, whom drove to a sorority house in California and murdered 6 women, and injured 14 others. He left a manifesto stating that he wanted to punish women for their constant rejections. This is obviously a mentally unstable person, but our patriarchal culture in which taught men that a rejection from women is the most humiliating experience instead of respecting women’s decisions is what drove this man to get payback.
In the study by Ward, Merriwether & Carunthers called Breasts Are for Men: Media, Masculinity Ideologies, and Men’s Beliefs About Women’s Bodies, discussed the fact that women today are self-objectifying. Women are seeing their breasts primarily as sexual objects to satisfy men; women are increasingly going under the knife to achieve bigger, better, perkier breasts to satisfy society expectations of a woman today. Breasts do not make part of the sexual organs, it is designed exclusively to feed babies. Men have nipples as well yet they are not required to cover; an overweight man can have a chest that looks exactly like a…

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