Jennifer Lawrence: Play Analysis

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When we were first presented with this assignment, the task seemed daunting. There is so much to discuss with the ideas of gender, race, and class. However, once my group put our heads together we decided to talk about women in the media and not only how they respond to negative press but also how they are using their positions to promote feminism. In our modern world, we often use celebrities as models for how we should aspire to act. It seems only fair to give recognition to those actively seeking to be a positive model for us all. This reflection will give insight into the making of our play, the sociological concepts used, and my personal contributions.
In a group full of women, we quickly decided to focus on a gender issue. It was
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My personal contribution includes helping to write and edit the script, creating the logo, helping design the poster, set, and costume designs, and practicing and acting in the play. We decided to write the script as a group by dividing up what needed to be written. I, along with Natalie, was assigned the task of writing about Jennifer Lawrence. As a whole, we wrote the introduction and transitional lines and edited the entire play. In the section of the play Natalie and I wrote, we focused on the concepts of socialization and inequality. As it was stated before, Lawrence has received attention on her comments about the inequality in pay. We used this as the main focus in our part of the script and tied in the ideas of socialization and inequality we learned about in class. The goal of my section was to communicate how Jennifer Lawrence is helping to promote the feminist movement by fighting back against stereotypes and using her movies and influence to show young girls they too have the power to be treated equally. I chose to help to write this part of the script because I know about Jennifer Lawrence the most due to the fact I have seen a few of her movies and heard about some of the ways she is promoting the feminist movement. As for the rest of my contributions, I enjoy creating and designing, so helping with the boards, logo, and flyer was fun for me. …show more content…
When discussing Beyonce, the focus was on the Black Power movement and whether or not her actions were promoting police brutality. Of course, our final verdict claimed she was using her performance to celebrate black pride, not as a way of discrediting police. Along with this discussion the ideas of inequality among races and authority were explored. Jennifer Lawrence prompted a discussion about the pay gap between men and women everywhere, not just in Hollywood. Talks about socialization and inequality accompanied this section. In our final discussion of Emma Watson, we focused on what feminism means and how Watson’s campaign is helping to promote it. It is important to remember men are just as important in this movement as women, but they are not the focus. This discussion mostly focused on the concept of inequality. Altogether, our play was one that promoted the idea of equality among

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