The Movie : An Emotional Roller Coaster Essay example

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This movie was an emotional roller coaster. I felt on the edge of seat the whole time and it related to my family also. The movie was laced with humour during a tragic family event. The movie opens up Beverly looking for a housekeeper for Violet. She has oral cancer and is on a large quantity of medications. Shortly after the housekeeper is hired Beverly disappears. Violet calls her sister Mattie Fae and daughters Barbara (the oldest), Ivy (the middle child), and Karen (the youngest child). Barbara brings her husband who she separated from and fourteen year old daughter, Jean. Karen brings her husband Steve. Later on the sheriff, comes to the house to say Beverly has been found dead in a river. The family attends the funeral and no one is depicting any emotions of sadness. Everyone seems angry and annoyed. Barbara begins verbally attacking her mother, because she is acting unusual. Barbara discovers that she has been taking too many narcotics and getting them filled at different pharmacies. Violet is about to take medication when Violet physically attacks her to get the medication from her. She then confiscates all the medication and flushes them down the toilet. On top of dealing with their father dying, the sisters have to cope with their mother’s relapse. After the dinner Steve is outside with Jean smoking marijuana. Johnna senses that Steve is about to molest Jean, so she grabs a shovel. Steven begins to touch her breasts and lift her shirt. Johnna at that…

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