The Movement Towards The West Essay

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Zakisha Horton
American studies 211 The movement towards the West

When the Great Depression, the nation 's worst economic downturn, very few Americans understood the nature of the situation. Between 1929 and 1932, the United States economy was severely underwater. Production was cut in half and investments By 1933, roughly half of the financial institutions in the United States were closed. Additionally,this left million unemployed Americans.
Within the larger cities, men would generally wait in lines for hours at job sites hoping to be chosen to earn a single day 's wage to help support their families. In a film we watched in class on the great depression, a men went as far as to taking the money out of his daughters penny bank to go search for work. Unfortunately, most unemployed Americans were unable to find a sustainable income during the Depression.
Meanwhile, 'Hoovervilles ' sprang up throughout the urban areas. These were makeshift cardboard and scrap metal homes that families were forced to inhabit due to foreclosure and eviction. These cardboard metal homes were named after President Herbert Hoover because he his failed to end the suffering.
The American experience in the rural setting may have been worse than those living in the major United States cities. Farmers in the Midwest and central United States generally suffered for a number of reasons. Tariffs president hoover put on farm production and lessened the profitability of selling farmed goods overseas.…

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