The Motive Behind The Madness Essay

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Harris and Klebold:
The Motive Behind the Madness

April 20th, 1999. To most it was just a day. A lot of people can’t even remember what they were doing this mid-April Tuesday. However, a lot of people, specifically in Colorado, have this day engraved into their brains and will forever. April 20th, 1999 is the day that two teenage boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into their high school with duffle bags of firearms and homemade bombs. They had large bombs that failed to go off. Had they gone off this school would have suffered more than it did. At approximately 11:19am on this Tuesday morning, Eric and Dylan walked into the high school. When their bombs did not go off they resorted to simply opening fire and killing as many people as they possibly could. The school, their friends, teachers, parents… They were all shocked to say the least. Why in the world would these two boys do this? They had such bright futures ahead of them everyone assumed. Nobody could understand these boys, so they concluded that their music and videogames must’ve influenced them in this. They must have gotten this idea from the violent songs and games. There was no other possible conclusion, everyone claimed.

However, if you go back to the weeks, months, maybe even years before this tragedy occurred, people would have seen that there was so much more to what happened. These boys did not grow up in hellholes of homes. They were not abused as children. They were not raised in overly violent…

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