Mental Illnesses In The Novel's Of Mice And Men

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I think you have seen them before. That little kid bound to a wheelchair because he has a disability that paralyzed his legs. He will never walk. That old man who still lives with his mother, who has a brain deficiency. And that lady who walks around town just watching talking in gibberish and never changing. All these people have disabilities. They don’t choose to be this way. It’s just how they end up. In the novel, “Of Mice and Men," the author addresses the human rights issue of mental illnesses and this problem is an issue in the US and in other countries. It could be the cause of an accident or it could be a birth defect or just something that happens gradually over time. They can’t help how they are. They live life the best they can and try to make it every day.

Mental disabilities do not need to
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“Children with ASD are bullied at a very high rate, and are also often intentionally “triggered” into meltdown or aggressive outburst by ill-intentioned peers.” A person that can only take so much as long if that limit is reached a certain outcome will occur. A mentally disabled child is different because they tend to be more violent or Have emotional breakdowns. This is going to contributes to the RUMOUR that “mentally handicapped people are dangerous." if a kid experienced these outbursts from a mentally ill kid. they will grow up to remember that also will have the thought of " mentally handicapped people are dangerous” in their little heads thereby increasing the low help for mentally ill patients. Handicaps do not have any easy life. They struggle every day and attempt to live it the best they can. Doctors try to help but in some cases there is nothing anyone can do but pray. The media society looks down upon mentally ill people. They describe a disorder that affects your behavior, mood, and thinking as violent and uncontrollable. “The findings are evidence that the mentally ill on television and movies have played a large

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