Negative Essay: Everyone Deserves A Fair Chance

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Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance The standard of care in faith healing centers hit the headlines in 2000 when 23 mentally ill people died in a fire – they could not escape because they had been chained to their beds. These people had been chained to their beds because they were not "trusted" to be alone (Satish Shri, Raste.) Large populations of Americans, the mentally disabled, face many accounts of Human Rights violations, yet these people have done nothing to have this brought upon them. A mental disability can be defined as but not limited to a derangement or abnormality of function; a mental state (Schlein, Lisa.) Examples that will be referred to in this paper include mental disorders such as; mental retardation, down syndrome, paranoia, …show more content…
"Many workplaces will not hire people with mental illness ' therefore leaving them out of a job and on the streets" (Drew, Natalie.) Society often perceives people with mental disabilities as untouchables, or useless. Viewing them as useless often results into stripping them of many of their rights and self-driven choices. Everyone has a special talent you could say, each person with a mental disorder can help in some way. "All humans have the same rights, including equality, freedom, and dignity" (Poreddi, Vijayalakshmi.) Regardless of the mental state, each living person deserves to have the same rights as everyone else does. No person deserves to have close to all their rights stripped just because of the way they are. They deserve to be treated the same way as everyone else as well. People with certain disabilities might not fully comprehend what events are occurring around them, however they still deserve to have their own opinion. Doctors often find themselves taking advantage of people with mental disabilities as well. “For example, people can be over medicated to keep them docile and easy to manage (Schlein, Lisa.) Someone who cannot control what they were born with should not be degraded for such, or drugged up because of that. Instead they should be taught differently, more attentively. People with mental disabilities should be able to do anything that the people without the disabilities can do, instead of being pushed away; everyone deserves a fair chance to

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