The Most Important Values Of The Mexican Culture Essay

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Dendi, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, is a married mother of two, said that she’s been living in the United States for twenty-five years. Mexico has an abundance of violence and poverty, so her family moved here for better economic opportunities. She said that living here is a better way of living, especially when you are raising children. The five most important values of the Mexican culture are the love and respect for the family, especially the elders, the language, food, traditional music, and religion. Dendi reiterated that the Mexican culture really value their elders and would never put them in a nursing home; in their culture, the elders live with them until they die. Grandparents always have good advice to give to everyone and are very much a part of helping bring up the next generation with those same values. In fact, they are respected as much or more than the parents are. Dendi said that she treasures their Spanish language, and she loves being able to communicate with two groups of people that don’t understand each other. She loves to help the Mexican culture by serving as a translator, and she considers it a gift from God; she plans on passing this language and gift on to her children. Although, she has a passion for her Spanish language, she’s also encountered a lot of discrimination and opposition from American people because of it. She feels like people who don’t speak a second language usually don’t think it’s needed until they need it. She uses as…

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