Daniel Moreno Analysis

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Daniel Moreno, originally from Mexico City, Mexico. Moved to the United States in early September of 2003. Daniel is a bilingual he not only knows how to talk in Spanish but as well in English yet he still has a very harsh accent that shows he is not from America. Daniel has a very unique and heartfelt story that changes the way I look at people of his race. It brought me down to the roots of my cultural and where I came from and that I shouldn’t take this life for granted living the life I live with so much freedom and non-hostility that I never come across. The main reason why Daniel moved here was because his daughter Sophia needed more advanced medical help then what she was given and offered in Mexico. Daniel states some of the hardships …show more content…
He has visited many places in America such as: Chicago, Kentucky, and as well Florida. His brother paved the way into him finding a job once he moved here he filled out many applications and soon started working at Goodwill and Casa Miguel as his jobs. Some positives of living here in America that Daniel stated are “you work hard so you can get what you want – a nice car, a nice house, and being able to travel as well. El Sueno Americano which means the American Dream”. Some of the cons of living in America are that Mexico has better foods: no processed meats, seafood is very fresh and cheap. He misses his friends and family, very much misses trips to the coast of Acapulco, Puerta Vallarta, Vera Cruz. Daniel gets very emotional for a bit and tells me “I miss my family-my mom- and my friends. Of course, I have my friends here, but it’s not the same. We don’t share the same roots. I live a more isolated life here. Worse thing for me is my Mother is very sick and I may not get another chance to see her …show more content…
The jobs are better, life here is better for me and my daughter. Mexico is not the same. It’s hard when you have a family to distance yourself from all the problems- if I were single, it would be easier. But it’s better for my family to be here, its mucho safer here. I would like to go back to visit but I like it much better here. It also helps that there are other Mexicans here” He talks later about how he prefers the meat at Mexican stores here in Indiana, but will buy other stuff at Kroger and Walmart. His mechanic is Francisco and he’s super helpful, taking care of countrymen; also has met others who have helped him along the way. He has a guy who has a tire shop and another guy who cuts his daughters hair and also an accountant whom helps him with the financial things in his life. There’s a ministry in Greenwood called: “Esperanzade Jesu Christo” (Hope in Jesus) that provides a lot of guidance and services to country men like him who have help with starting a new life in

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