The Most Humbling And Awesome Experiences A Person Can Have Missed Appointments

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Divine Appointments
The most humbling and awesome experiences a person can have is that of being a friend, making a friend, and introducing that friend into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s not about any ability on our part but rather our availability to God and what He wants to do. Often these Divine Appointments will happen at the most unexpected times and places. God’s time is always now, and I have been privileged to share many times over the years in these precious occasions as one link in a long chain of events. However, I wonder how many times I have missed appointments because of insensitivity or selfishness.
I recall being prompted out of the comfort of my easy chair late one cold winter night to drive 15 miles to a northern mine site. The only location open at that hour was a small coffee shop, and on arrival, I seemed to be the only patron. Sitting by myself for some thirty minutes, I overheard the name of a young boy whom I knew to be going through a difficult time emotionally. One of the members of the conversation in a back booth left, and the other stayed behind. I went around to the booth and asked permission to sit down, and there was the young man’s mother. Our discussion began with the concern surrounding her son and ended with her asking for the help only God could give for her to be the best mom she could be by becoming a Christian and allowing the Holy…

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