The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1
There once was a girl with long, golden, perfect hair. She was the most beautiful girl in all the land. Her name was Rapunzel. She was locked in a tall tower her entire life…., But that’s not the truth. It was all made up. ONE BIG LIE!!!! I’m going to tell you the real story of what happened. My name is Harmony. I’m Rapunzel’s BIG sister. For some reason my parents didn’t want to say that I was their daughter so they treated me like I was Elsa. MY COUSIN!!! I was the most beautiful girl in the land until she was born. I thought it would be fun to have a little sister of my own. We could just be sister’s that weren’t really born (hidden).

Chapter 2
The next day after her birth THEY ANNOCED
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No need in me explaining that lame movie. Anyway he was a prince and her hair is not magic and it is not naturally golden because our mom was sick and ate a magic flower it was die. Our mom was sick when she gave birth, sick of pushing for the second time. Her hair is not that long either. She was wearing loads of hair extensions. No one in the world hair is that long. Her best friend is not a lizard it’s a toy. Anyone can clearly see that it’s fake. It irks me that she gets everything and I get nothing. I was the first born and I should be a princess not …show more content…
To continue the legacy and keep the money flowing in. I didn’t get it at first. Then at dinner I had finally got what they meant. I was going to kidnap my niece so the town would pay money and taxes to find the baby. They are so low. Tricking people into pay money to find a baby who was never lost. I’m going into the village and tell everyone what’s going on. They have a right to know what’s going on in their own

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