The Moral Status Of The Fetus Essay

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1. Briefly analyze the moral status of the fetus and how the “demand to defend the marginalized” influence the authors’ position on this issue as it appears in your textbook.
The “demand to defend the marginalized” is a view point where the rights of all humans, special needs and comatose included, need to be recognized and respected. This view influences the author’s position on abortion because they feel that if the fetus is categorized as a less than human entity. At that point, the cause for concern is that the permanently insane and others will be deemed less than human as well. The concern is that when the fringe of society gets categorized this way, it would be easy to have them put to death as they do not have the same rights and respect as the majority. The wedge affect creates a situation where this line cannot be drawn as easily because every human has the same rights, from conception to the grave.
2. Briefly summarize the ethical issues relevant to abortion and the health care provider from the perspective of the authors of your textbook.
The ethical issues for health care professionals relevant to abortion are around matters such as coercion regarding abortion, forced medical treatment and nontherapeutic abortions (Baillie, Garrett, Garrett, McGeehan pg. 211 par. 3).
These issues are consent no matter what the profession’s personal opinion is on abortion as a whole. Heath care professionals need to be careful not to try to influence the patient to choose one…

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