How To Be Able To Legalize Abortion Essay

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The total numbers of American babies killed each year, at the hands of abortion, is approximately the same amount as the total American casualties in every war the U.S. has ever been involved with. The debate about legal abortion has become an immense conversation, and an extremely controversial issue. Should we legalize the killing of unborn children. Since these children have not been given a voice in their own argument, it is only right that someone speaks on their behalf. This paper will show not only the cruelty of the process, but options that parents have opposed to resorting to abortion. Everyone stands on an opinion when it comes to abortion whether they know it or not. Although many have complex views with a few exceptions, the …show more content…
Emotion side effects also take place and are just as real as physical complications. Emotional effects can take take place for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the woman is pressured into an abortion. It may also be because the woman, or her family’s, religious beliefs demote abortion. It may also occur if the child was aborted in the later stages of pregnancy, or the woman having the abortion lacks support from her spouse or family members. These conditions may include insomnia or nightmares, eating disorders, depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and anxiety. Over 96% of women who choose to have an abortion will experience a little grief after the process is over. Some will move on in a matter of time, however their are many who don’t, and regret their decision for a very long time. In these cases the woman will suffer from clinical depression. This forces the woman to lead a life unlike that of their peers due to their deep depression. At that point they are put on heavy antidepressants, and sometimes put in mental health facilities until they become better. Abortion can also, beleive it or not, lead to eating disorders. “Eating disorders are just another way in which some women recreate emotions (such as shame) or bodily sensations (such as a swollen abdomen) that are connected to their unresolved abortion” (Abortion Complications). This can explain why some women may experience an eating disorder shortly after having an abortion. Women aren 't the only ones who may fall victims to this. Since this effect is mental and not physical, men that have had a partner or spouse go through an abortion may also acquire an eating disorder. Abortions are also linked to nightmares, which can also be connected to insomnia. These vivid nightmares are commonly referred to as abortion dreams. Let 's do an abortion they said with with a sickening leer, and

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