The Moment Of Silence - Original Writing Essay

1367 Words Nov 24th, 2015 6 Pages
The large speakers that surround the filled room begin to vibrate as the loud unknown voice begins to announce my name. I now know that it is my time to shine. While standing behind the long, red curtains I begin to do what comes natural; lifting my head as if I am looking above and beyond the ceiling that lies above me with a smile projecting from my face, standing tall with strong energy from my toes to the tips of my fingers and pushing my shoulders back to respectfully greet my judges. The adrenaline pounds in my chest, but confidence over powers and I am nothing but ready to entertain my audience. The loud roars of encouraging chanting and cheering rings in my ears as I walk towards the spotlight that gives off a warm radiant heat where I hit my beginning position. Determination calms my nerves as I am now ready to compete with my full potential. There is a moment of silence as I begin to feel the beautiful connection between the stage and myself. The familiar tune is brought to my attention and I begin to dance my two minute routine that will prove the many long months of hard work and dedication as well as my improvements and the list of things that I have learned throughout my nine years of dancing with nothing but my heart. While turning and leaping, those two minutes begin to feel more like two seconds. Ending with strong energy, making sure to keep both my judges and competitors full attention on nothing but me. The overwhelming feeling with accomplishment…

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