The Misunderstood Nature Of Pit Bulls Essay

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The Misunderstood Nature of Pit Bulls: A Review of Literature
“Over the past 15 years, the America Pit Bull Terrier, commonly referred to as pit bull, has been portrayed as the vanguard for canine evil, essentially a predator of the defenseless” (Cohen & Richardson, 2002). This negative publicity has ultimately affected political policy in regards to pit bull ownership. As a matter of fact, according to Cohen & Richardson (2002), seventy five communities in the US prohibit pit bull ownership. Furthermore, according to Tullis (2013), pit bulls are so unloved to the extent that they are the most common breed of dogs in animal shelters across the US. Considering the fact that pit bulls are not any different from other dog breeds, the million dollar question is how exactly did these middle-of-the-road animals develop such a negative depiction of their nature? To a great extent, various stakeholders such as the media, law enforcement authorities, and ultimately owners are to blame for the present predicament facing pit bulls. In this regard, Cohen & Richardson establish that information portrayed by the media negatively influences public perception regarding pit bulls. The purpose of this literature review is to show that the nature of pit bulls has been misunderstood; that the media and owners of these dogs have essentially contributed to its negative publicity.
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