The Mist Review Essay

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The apocalypse is a common subject addressed in films and such Doomsday scenarios have become increasingly popular since the beginning of the Cold War. These films provide a different cause for the downfall of human kind and approach the subject with various degrees of despair and hope. Despite the obvious differences in approach that different directors take, these films all serve to highlight not only the negative qualities of human kind that led to and are represented by the agent of destruction but also to highlight the strength of the survivors who keep the will to fight for their lives despite the bleak circumstances. For the most part, The Mist, adapted from a Stephen King novella, sticks closely to the archetype. The Mist, a …show more content…
They travel along misty road until the run out of gas. Believing it is all over they commit suicide, leaving only David behind to witness that rescue truly was on its way.
Darabont carefully picked his cast with and it shows in the execution of the individual scenes, as the tension is gradually intensified. That being said, because Darabont chose to remain so faithful to the source material it means he was stuck with the conceptual problems from the novella, which includes the character of Mrs. Carmody, an insufferable caricature that distracts from the genuine horror of the film. From almost her first appearance she is babbling about the end times and the wrath of God. It is as if King didn’t have any faith in the inherently dramatic nature of the situation, and felt like the need to stack the deck. This ultimately backfires, however. The character of Mrs. Carmody is supposed to increase the tension but the result is the complete opposite. Every time she speaks the intensity of the plot and the suspense created comes to a halt. She never says anything profound or even mildly interesting. Instead she engages in broad sweeping generalizations about human nature or religion,
Darabont lets the horror build through unease, suspicion and mounting suggestion. He chose to use music to minimal effect in The Mist in order to capture the heavier feel of

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