The Mission Of A Missions Trip Essay

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Hello Everyone I hope everyone is doing well.
Sorry I haven 't caught up with you all fully about how My missions trip this summer went.
God moved in all aspects through the preparation and the trip.
If you all don 't know how ORU missions work the process of being place in a specific country
1st we signed up and give our top 5 choices for our countries. Then 2-3 we find out what team we are placed in. Many times the students get place in their 1 st choice but some people don 't. I asked the missions office how they place people and the repose I got was “we follow the Holy spirit "
Japan , was my last choice. I didn’t seen my self-going to Japan for many reason but one of the main reason was that all years that ORU has gone to Japan only one or "0" people get saved experience healing or miracles. I dint wanted to be part of a missions trip were none gets saved! Many factors play a huge role on this -- Japan it’s a well off nation economically and physically. The main religion is Buddhism in order for someone to become a Christian it takes at least 2-3 years. They want to make sure that Christianity is the “right religion” Also a Buddhism converted to Christianity most of the time experience rejection from their family friends co- workers etc. Also Japan has the highest suicidal rate. The Japanese people are very polite, humble, respectful and highly educated.
In all I felt so unqualified for this trip!
Many of the other teams have amazing stories, like lame to walk,…

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