Mission Trip To Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

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Mission Project For this mission trip I will be traveling to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico with nine other people to help fill a small orphanage with the necessary supplies they will need and to help with the Children while spreading the Word of God. We will be focusing on those are 18 and younger, and will be making sure we give them an abundance of supplies so they the orphanage can use the supplies we give them for years. Once we fully supply the orphanage we will be there for the children. We want to make them feel safe in an unsafe environment and introduce God into their lives to let them know that he will always keep them safe.
Mexico is the fourteenth largest country in the world with several different ethnic groups. Sixty percent of the
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There is no point to do a Mission trip to a country that is well of economically or that always gets help. Majority of the citizens in Mexico are extremely poor and need help. Since our Mission group team is not large we cannot help the entire population, but we can help a small city in Mexico. Puerto Nuevo’s has a small population which means they have a small orphanage in the city. Since we want to help provide the needed supplies for the orphanage and help with the children the size of the population matters. Since the orphanage is smaller we can buy the items in bulk so it can last a long time for orphanage. And since there will only be ten of us we will have the opportunity to really connect and help the …show more content…
To know what the orphanage would need we looked up what orphanages need to constantly be restocked with and then made our decision. We our supplying them with: diapers, socks, first aid kits, light bulbs, coloring books, binders, paper, pens, notebooks, soap, hand sanitizer, blankets, pillows, markers, pencils, lotion, games, sport supplies, and crayons. After we knew what we were bringing, I had to find a good flight for all of us to take, and a hotel for us to stay at. I booked five rooms for the ten of us in the neighboring city of Tijuana for fourteen days, and fought a round trip flight for us. Then looked up the average cost per person a day for food and water. To find out how much all this would cost, I made a budget plan that shows the prices of everything then had to make the conversion from USD to Peso to know what the cost of items would be in Mexico. The conversion rate from USD to Peso:

Once I converted all the necessary prices, I had to know how much all of this would cost in five years. I had to find the CPI rates and calculate would the inflation would be in five years. The cost of trip would be $27,772.42. Once the total budget was calculated, I had to figure out how to find the trip. I have 30% of the cost already so I put that in a saving account for five years.

A sponsor also offered to donate $100 a month to help fund this trip. So I put this money into a savings account

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