Essay on The Minds Of 51 Heroes

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There is no formal guide of how to be hero, but there has been an article published of how to act heroically. In this article you are able to get into the minds of 51 heroes. With being a hero there is always a cost you have to pay, but does the safety of others always outweigh the costs? This is determined by the “envelope game” researchers have come up with to test if helping someone is an unconscious or conscious decision. The heroes that were interviewed emphasized that their reactions were more like instincts. One stated, “It was just a gut instinct. It wasn’t really a conscious decision” (Yoeli & Rand). When looking at the levels of consciousness, the conscious level consists of thoughts that people are aware of, whereas the unconscious level contains material that the mind cannot easily retrieve, including hidden memories, wishes, desires, and motives (Gazzaniga, Heatherton, & Halpern). Christine Marty, a college student, rescued a 69-year-old woman from her car during a flash flood. Christine said that is she is thankful that saving the woman was part of her instinct because if she stopped and reasoned the pros and cons of saving the woman, it would have been too late (Yoeli & Rand). This is part of subliminal perception. Subliminal perception is when information is processed by the sensory systems without conscious awareness, and normally happens during short durations or subtle forms of information (Gazzaniga, Heatherton, & Halpern). In Christine’s case, her…

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