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What is it about playing games that can bring out the worst in people? You can be playing a game like Sorry and you 're bestfriend can become your worst enemy. It happens in so many games, but Diplomacy took another approach. It’s a little more civil and you can still piss someone off, but at least it’s not from blind luck. Diplomacy took skill and knowledge and taught many lessons in the process. One major lesson to learn is know who your allies are and find out if you can trust them. Anybody can talk, but they need to be trustworthy for it to mean anything to you. Without trust in a relationship you have nothing. If they tell you secrets and there plan, then you are far more likely to be in a happy relationship. Trust is based on reason …show more content…
Rivaleries can be destructive to both yourself and others around you.You can’t just sidestep, contain them, or simply ignore your rivaleries. That was one of our biggest losses was not making allies with the people that could destroy us the easiest. To be effective in the game and in life you need to turn rivals into collaborators. It strengthens your position and there 's. You can’t think of them as enemies that you have to endure, but positive people that lead you to a happy and hopefully successful life When it comes to the game it is important to become allies with everyone. Once you get buddy-buddy you can learn their secrets and also have them help you. When it comes to real life you should make allies with everyone. That is how you get ahead in life. It is up to you if you want to keep helping them or betray them and get ahead.
Everyone can be betrayed. In many instances we also need to betray. If you always do everything by the book you 're going to come of as being too nice. It can be troublesome because many people can take advantage of your kindness. Sometimes you’re not even conscious when you betray someone. You try and always do the right thing, but it can end wrong. Betrayal is inevitable. We can be too wary of taking risks, and insulates us from being truly alive. If we don’t take risks we can’t always get ahead in
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It doesn’t matter if it’s the rules of the game or the rules of life, or the rules in your job. This is also where listening comes into play. Hear everything that’s going, then wait and see what you comprehend then ask questions. If you don’t understand everything fully then you need to find out. Otherwise you will be just as lost as everyone else. If you know something the other person doesn’t that is an automatic advantage. Learning the rules of life is very important it doesn’t matter if it’s your jobs rules or social rules. To be good and to look good you need to play smart and effectively. Rules are put in place so we can do things the right way and hopefully the best way, but that’s not always the case. Rules also helps enhance memory, logical reasoning, and

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