The Cask Of Amontillado Literary Analysis

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Trust is a hard thing to find when it comes to relationships with other people. It seems like no matter who you meet or who you turn to someone is always looking to hurt you. You have to be careful with who you tell your business to. Edgar Allan Poe shows this in his horror story called “The Cask of Amontillado”. It tells the story of a man named Montresor aiming to get revenge on his “friend” named Fortunato. Fortunato looks at Montresor as his friend but has no idea what is going through his mind. Montresor has an evil scheme planned to take him to the catacombs and end his life. Fortunato is in for a rude awakening. There are three types of irony that make up everything that happens in this story. They are: irony, dramatic irony, and situational …show more content…
In this irony, the characters as well as the audience do not know what is about to happen next. Fortunato arrives in the play with an ill look. He is also wearing a parti-striped dress and he has a cap with bells on it. He has the same clothes that a jester. Montresor tells him there is a big joke on him coming soon. Fortunato is very eager to find out and taste the Amontillado that Montresor has told him about, but he has no idea that Montresor has made up the Amontillado to lure him to his death. Fortunato is the only person that believes the Amontillado is real and exists in the vaults. He also looks at Montresor as his friend. Fortunato takes his mind off of the cold and repeats that it is nothing. It is true that it will not affect him because that will not at all be the cause of his death later in the story. Earlier in the story, Fortunato made a toast to the bodies in the cave, but does not know that he is about to be in the catacombs with them as well. This irony is shown many times in the story and because of this it makes the story much more interesting to the readers. Fortunato’s death is predestined many times, but with him being too intoxicated he cannot pay attentions to the

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