Compare And Contrast Gates And Steve Jobs

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Windows, IPhone, MacBook, Xbox— the list goes on and on. Technology has become so ingrained into our daily lives that we don 't even bat an eye over it anymore. More specifically, my generation, the Millennials, grew up with the development of the World Wide Web; all we know has been shaped by the innovations and breakthroughs relating to this field. From an early age, I personally remember everything from being introduced to a laptop running the Windows Operating system to having my first IPhone. The companies that create these products, Microsoft and Apple are the face of the technology we use today but these industry giants started from very humble beginnings stemming all the way back to their founding by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, respectively. …show more content…
It is not a wonder that the two visionaries were similar in many facets; however, they also shared their differences. For example, Jobs was the more charismatic out of the two and it is often difficult to empower employees through means other than monetary compensation but his charisma really influences his employees to the point where once of them called him “the most charismatic person I have ever known”. Although Jobs inspired his employees with his charisma, sometimes his forward thinking clashed heavily with the direction of the company, causing conflict and eventually Jobs’ departure from the company. The same employee, Ida Cole, who was made to think she was changing the world soon “expressed misgivings about the recognition” of the company. This was because Apple built their own hardware and implemented their own software into their products but many employees felt that at heart, “Apple was always a software company and refused to own up to it”. Even these inspired employees had a falling out with Jobs vision but now we know that he was thinking ahead of his time. While Jobs focused on his visions, Gates was much more executional and focused on continuously improving the company’s main product Windows from adding the GUI function to creating Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer to help stay with or ahead with its competitors. Gates’ ideas were tangible and he created a consistent image of the company that employees agreed

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