Personal Statement: A Career For The Future Of Computer Science

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Our world is advancing rapidly with technology that is allowing humankind to stay connected, aid in times of dire need, help the disabled, and provide entertainment among many other uses. Technological innovations and their innovators have made a lasting impact and have reshaped the world as we know it. I was born in the technological era, the “internet generation,” and we are among the first to know web and computing technology since our birth. This technological revolution has fascinated me since a young age and continues to awe and inspire me to this day. I aspire to contribute to the evolution of technology that will further revolutionize our world.
When I think of someone who set a precedent for the future of technology, I think of the
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Throughout high school, I have made an effort to engage myself with the skills that will be needed of me in studies that will require advanced levels of thinking and reasoning. Mathematical skills have always come naturally to me and my high school studies show that I am capable of handling rigorous studies in this field. By the end of my senior year, I will have completed Pre-AP Algebra 1 through Advanced Placement BC Calculus. Mathematical reasoning is an important skill that I have worked to master. These skills will allow me to understand the logic behind programming and how to apply it to specific uses. Mathematics has been my strongest subject throughout high school and is my favorite area of study. I have also taken many challenging science courses that have made me look deeper into the workings of the world around us. By the end of senior year, I will have taken courses ranging from Pre-AP Biology my freshman year to AP Physics 2 my senior year. With the emphasis on Physics, I hope to have a greater understanding of concepts that I may need when studying the hardware components of computers and future collaboration with engineers. I have also made sure to take the advanced and college level courses offered by the English and History departments each year to further my knowledge of those concepts as well. By taking challenging courses in high school, especially those in …show more content…
Since this is such a diverse field, the opportunity to build upon my knowledge will give me many employment opportunities after college. I plan to continue pursuing studies that will challenge me and promote growth, and maintain the high standards that I have set for myself. I also plan to explore organizations within the college programs that offer opportunities to progress technological research in fields that I am interested in. These include studies in medical robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, among many others. Being a part of these organizations will allow me to contribute my knowledge to projects that I hope will make a lasting impact on the world. Keeping an active role in these organizations is important in reaching my goal of advancement in the field. The studies that I hope to pursue in college are some of the most important things to me as I have been looking forward to them all of my

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