Essay The Middle Ages And The Renaissance Period

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The Middle Ages also more commonly known as the Dark Age was a period in time that lasted for a thousand years starting sometime the fifth and officially ending all the way in the fifteenth century. This period in time is mostly characterized in modern day by subjects such as the black plague, the hundred years war, tales of brave knights, rigid class systems and heavy religious influences. As the fourteenth century came about there began to be a gradual transition into what would be known as the Renaissance period, which greatly differed from the Middle Ages. It is in the literature of the Renaissance time period that we see some of the greatest contrast between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. When thinking of the many great writers and poets who influenced the Renaissance period names such as John Donne, William Shakespeare, and John Milton are a few that easily come to mind. Upon further reading in this essay these three men along with many other writers, poets, and sonneteers will have their works be thoroughly analyzed, as well as compared and contrasted using examples either from some of their most famous and well known works of literature, or lesser know, yet still influential works.
Their have been many forms of Renaissance throughout history. The Renaissance that will be the main focus of this essay is the one that took place in Europe, more specifically England. It began around the fourteenth century and stretched all the way into the seventieth century. And…

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