The Middle Ages And Renaissance Essay

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As Western Civilization transitioned into the Early Modern period from the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, there was a significant strategic change in the motivation. This motivation affected cultural professionals, social and political actors, as well as conquering agents of the emerging and expanding Empires and states of the region. With this environment as a background, it is necessary to explore the motivation of these leading figures of the era and assess how their contributions to civilization were financed, coerced, or compelled by the political, economic and religious leadership of the era.
With civilization struggling to exit the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, inevitable battles between science and religion, between conservative ideals and progressive ones, struggled for supremacy to shape and guide the future. Since the medieval period was generally repressive for humans with regard to the famines, plagues and loss of knowledge, the Church had lost its supremacy as the all-knowing power; therefore, they had to react aggressively to any new challenges of authority with intensity and fury (as evidenced by the Inquisitions). Politically, the landscape had begun to drastically change with the rise and fall of new state actors and the expansion of city-state kingdoms into aggressively expanding empires looking to dominate world trade and policy. Following Machiavelli’s advice for when conquering new territory, “The first is to lay them waste; the second is to go…

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