The Mexican American War On America Essay

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The Mexican-American War was a war that occurred between America and Mexico from Spring of 1846 to Fall of 1837. It was a war that was started over the territory of Texas and where it’s boundaries were, but was ended with the Mexican Cession. The causes, battles, and repercussions of the Mexican-American war all provided a big role in the events that occurred throughout the war. The Mexican-American War has several different causes that led to many different disputes between the two nations that eventually escalated to war. One such cause of the war was the manifest destiny, as many Americans headed were heading west. Many Americans believed that they had the rights to the land of the west and continued to rapidly expand in that direction. Once Texas had gained its independence from Mexico, it became a target for American expansion. The annexation of Texas did not happen immediately though because of northerners worrying about adding another slave state to the union. It was not until James K. Polk was elected to office that Texas was actually annexed. This angered Mexico as Texas had originally belonged to them and they saw it as an act of war. Polk did not stop there though as when his offer to purchase disputed lands between the Rio Grande and Nueces River did not go through, he sent troops to the area. On April 25, 1846, a group of U.S Soldiers were attacked by Mexican Cavalry and were killed. This provided the grounds the Polk needed to start a war. After the attack…

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