Texas Annexation Essay

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Over the years there have been many controversial debates as to whether it was a clever idea to admit Texas into the Union. In the beginning of Texas’ succession from Mexico, Texas was clueless as to what to do about their past ally country, for a long period of time there was tension everywhere. Soon after Texas’ sucession from Mexico, Mexico decided to declare war since they decided that it was unfair how Texas left. And so to they chose to accept war with them to defend themselves. There are so many reason as to why Texas chose this. Reason that anyone from this era should easily be able to explain why they chose such a plan. However, since nobody who is reading this is from that era, that is what this essay is going to elucidate for …show more content…
far beyond its current western boundary. “Moreover, the northern portion of Texas intruded beyond the 36* 30’N line of latitude which has been established as the demarcation point between free territory and slave territory by the 1820 Missouri compromise.” (snopes.com). It was ruining the boundary line for slave and free states. “Not only would the annexation of Texas add another slave state to the U.S., but that state would be vast chunk of territory.” (snopes.com). It was too big to admit, Texas was the size of 4 states. “For their part, some southerners wanted to be able to carve additional slave states out of the huge Texas territory in order to counter…” (snopes.com). The more states they carved out of texas the more slave holding states there would be. This would result in more people for slave holding …show more content…
The south needed Texas as a slave state because of the economy, large size and agriculture. “The more plantations the more slaves needed.” (teachinghistory.org). Plantations were part of the main causes of the civil war and slavery. “Because of Texas’ size the south had a big advantage over agriculture.” (teacinghistory.org). Of course! That’s why everyone wanted Texas. Texas agriculture was a big economic factor. The south wanted to develop trade agreements with foreign markets.“The South’s crops were rising and they wanted to start shipping to other countries.” (Beeville.com).The more productions the more countries needed to sell to. “The more countries they had to trade with the more money they made.” (Beeville.com). That’s why they made contracts. The more countries that were involved with Texas supply the more demand they had.
Overall, I believe that Texas should not have admitted into the the union because, it caused serious damage between the United States and Mexico. It also had a huge advantage if it had stayed an independent

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