Essay about The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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Centered alongside Central Park in the heart of New York City, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and most influential art museums in the world. The Met houses an extensive collection of curated works that span across multiple time periods throughout the various cultures in the world. The context of museum, especially one that is as influential as the Met, inherently predisposes its visitors to a certain set of understandings that subtly influence how they interpret and construct specific meanings regarding a particular work. Brent Plate in Religion, Art, and Visual Culture argues that “objects obtain different meanings in different locations and historical settings.”An object that is put on display behind a glass case within a museum would hold a vastly different meaning if it were put on sale by a street vendor, like the ones who set up their tables in close proximity to the Met. The different meanings that objects obtain is attributed to the relationships that are establish between the object itself and the environment that the object is houses within. These relationships often involve the kind of audience that a museum attracts, where the work is exhibited, and how the museums are organized. Museums subsequently have the ability to control how these relationships are established which influences the way a viewer is able to construct meaning. When a visitor observe an object put on display at the Met, they instinctively construct a certain set of…

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