The Methods Of The Writing Process Essay

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There are many different techniques people use to compose an essay. In high school most of us only remember having to chose a main idea, provide an introduction, three body paragraphs and then a conclusion. There is so much more we all need to know and understand to help make an essay not just okay or average ,but outstanding. The writing process is a great example of exactly how your essay should play out. Also a writer should never think their writing is without flaws, there 's always something you can do to improve as a writer.
Always ask yourself the most basic but important questions like, "why am I writing this" "to whom am I writing this for" or "what am I writing". These three questions are your purpose, audience, and topic, things you definitely need in order to write your essay. You should always have a purpose for writing or choosing the topic that you have. Its very important to get the audiences attention and pull them in with an attention getter and show them why you have the opinion that you do. Attention getters can be an unusual fact many people do not know, a question ,or even just a vivid example or description. Also, you can not compose an essay without first choosing a topic, something to write about. Choosing a topic is very important and can be the hardest part of writing. You need to understand your assignment, chose something interesting, and brainstorm ideas and chose the most valuable ones to use.
Whether you know it or not, there 's a process to…

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