Essay on The Methodological Framework And Worldview

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The methodological framework and worldview used to conduct this research will be post positivist. The study of this will be done using a qualitative research approach. Post positivist research involves believing in more than just philosophical science (Adam, 2014). It is an extension of the positivist approach that describes the “epistemological and methodological frame of reference that defines the attitude and relation of the researcher to the production of data and the selection of research tools and methods” (Adam, 2014). Post positivist also allows a variety of ways to measure and analyze data that’s being collected as opposed to positivist that doesn’t individually involve the researcher in the study and mainly focuses on natural science. Post positivist believes that reactions and reality are socially constructed based on individual experience (Zangeneh, 2015, Personal Communication). The post positivist view ontology takes into consideration that all individuals have a different perception and the way they react to factors surrounding them is constructed based on their individual life experiences. This approach also decreases the chances of researcher contamination and will allow more truth to be found within the study (Fermiller, 2011). Post positivist would best apply to the research of criminal parents and its effect on their children because each individual may have a different perception of their parents or their upbringing. There may also be different reactions…

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