The Metaphysics Of Ancient Hawai Essay

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The metaphysics of ancient Hawai’i are unique and reflect metaphysics of both dualistic and monistic ways of thinking. As I address that theory in this paper I will be comparing and contrasting the difference in the Western philosophies of Plato to that of old Hawai’i before the coming of the Christians missionaries in 1820. I will also explain the ways in which I found ancient Hawaiians were also similar to Eastern monistic ways of thinking. In both cases, Hawai’i seems to be unique because it doesn’t fit neatly into either philosophical way of thinking. I will also show why I believe the ancient Hawaiians had a dualistic way of thinking in a monistic world. This seems to be the simplest terms I can explain my theory. This reminds me of a phrase that Professor Akina at HPU has said, “Plato was a dualist who thought like a monist”, which is one way to think of Hawaiians as well, a dualist thinking society in a monistic, process oriented universe. I begin with the question: In what ways are the metaphysics of ancient Hawaiians unique and reflect metaphysics of both dualistic and monistic ways of thinking? First of all, the metaphysics of old Hawai’i were unique in that they believed that mana was the universal energy that connected everything and everyone in a universal process. Neither Plato’s metaphysics nor Aristotle’s metaphysics have a similar universal primordial force in Western ways of thinking and this is because they are relatively substance oriented,…

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