Essay on The Message Of Light And Salvation

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In the world today, everybody knows who Jesus Christ is. Everyone knows the Bible. Of the four gospels, Gospel of John addresses Jesus’ Judean Ministry of truth and light. It differs from and complements the Synoptic Gospels by writing style, especially in John 6: 26-59. In this passage, Jesus addresses the crowd and proclaims a radical thought, originating from the Old Testament. Jesus states that He is the new manna from heaven above; instituting what Christians call the Eucharist. With the style of John’s writing, origins from the Old Testament, and importance of the Eucharist in prayer, we can find that Christ brings an important teaching to all who may follow him. The style of John’s writing is crucial to Jesus’ message of light and salvation by understanding how John writes on symbolism. The most important symbol is the Eucharist and its portrayal as the “new manna”. For without the instituting of the Eucharist, we are lost in the desert as the Israelites were.
Writing styles provide an interesting context of what the writer conveys to the reader. The reader or the audience is aware of the message while reading the text. In the Gospels, the Evangelist, writers of the gospels, compose Jesus’ life and ministry on Earth. Gospel means in Greek “good news”. The Good news is summarized as Jesus brings the message of light and truth to the world with his time on Earth. The first three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke combine into the Synoptic Gospels. The fourth gospel,…

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