The Media 's Influence On Public Opinion Essay

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Methodological Critique The media has a tremendous influence on public opinion and how individuals perceive certain countries and political figures. News corporations are able to manipulate stories and control the messages their viewers are receiving. It is no wonder that countless studies have been conducted to determine how much influence the media exerts over its audience. Nicolas Isak Dragojlovic, a researcher at the University of British Columbia, decided to test the influence that Canadian media had on its audience by testing if a relationship existed between the percentage of the news dedicated to President Barack Obama and the public’s opinion of the United States.1 This study is unlike others in the media priming field since instead of looking at the effect that the United States would have on how Obama was perceived, it highlighted the way Obama was portrayed in the media and the opinions on the United States that resulted.2 Dragojlovic formulated a theory, which “is a tentative conjecture about the causes” of a particular occurrence, and argued that Obama’s likability increased in Canada following his election and inauguration, which the Canadian media covered extensively, and this led to a more positive image of the United States.3 Dragojlovic presented a handful of hypotheses that he tested using a sample group of Canadian students at the University of British Columbia. He presented three hypotheses which all attempt to draw correlations between the priming…

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