The Media As A Military Outlet Post 9 / 11 Essay

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The increasing role of the media as a military outlet post 9/11 has led many political scientists to address the War on Terror as a war of words. Western and Arab news outlets, across the political spectrum, have portrayed interrelated and sequentially organized stories. These serve to weave certain ideological desires within their target audiences to achieve specific objectives. In political science discourses, these stories are referred to as “narratives”. This paper will explore narratives documented by Western and Arab media through a critical examination of “Control Room”, a documentary by filmmaker Jehane Noujaim. Evidence from the film will be analyzed in relation to the politics of fear to develop a nuanced understanding of military intervention, securitization and the role of the media in the Iraq War. The paper will explain the connections between the film and the narratives of the War on Terror, as discussed in the Western world. Further, the paper will critique the representation of fear and construction of assumed truths in the film, in relation to the War on Terror and contemporary security politics. The narratives of the War on Terror were assigned by the Bush administration upon the 9/11 attacks. Since then, American media outlets, such as Fox News, CNN and CBS, delivered strategic narratives to Americans, as suggested by the American military. Samir Khader, a senior producer at Al Jazeera, stated that the U.S media was hijacked by the American…

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