Essay on The Mechanics Of Deep Learning Work

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For just under a month I have recopied my notes in psychology in an attempt to understand how the mechanics of deep learning work. Prior to this experience I had been underachieving, having gotten a B and a C on my first and second tests respectively. However, once I began to copy down my notes for psychology every day and added in my own comments to them, I found that my test taking went from being sub-par to exemplarily, having received the highest grade in the class on the third test. I attribute this to a few changes to my studying style: First, I reread my notes, this helped information sink in with greater effectiveness than the act of passively copying notes down as I do in class. Furthermore, when I was retaking my notes I would find ways to connect them to them, for instance, when I took notes on depression I noted down how the symptoms were similar to mine. For every symptom I related it back to myself, my sleepless nights (at one point I didn’t sleep the entire night), and the suicidal urges that I experienced during the darkest periods of my depression. By relating the information learned in class to myself, I would activate the amygdala along with the hippocampus so the information would be remembered as emotionally fueled memories are among the easiest to remember. (cite) This also made pondering questions pertaining to the topics at hand, about how I presumed something might work or questions about how it didn’t seem to be true globally even if it should…

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