Essay on The Meat That You Eat

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The Meat That You Eat The average American will consume one calf, eleven cows, 1,096 chickens, and 15,655 chicken eggs in his or her lifetime (Catalano). It is, for some odd reason, fairly easy for people to see animals in their diet as different from the animals that they have as pets. However, due to recent outings of companies such as Tyson Foods, INC. that included video footage, people have begun to actually think about the meat that they eat. Consumers saw the way that animals are treated, and killed before appearing on their dinner plates, and were mortified. The modern method of raising farm animals is referred to as “factory farming”(Patterson). Factory farming, in addition to being immensely inhumane, can be just as detrimental to the consumer and the environment as the animals. Factory farming is the rapid production of animals, because of this rapid production, the actual health and comfort of the animals is of little meaning to the farmer. The ultimate goal of intensive livestock production is to get the most meat in the cheapest way, in order to feed the population. 99% of all farmed animals in the United States come from factory farms (“Ending”). The seemingly infinite amount of animals, combined with the very limited space, leads to overcrowding. Most animals are confined in such small crates that they are incapable of turning, or stretching (“Ending”). Chickens, in being so small, are the major victims to the confinement that comes with overcrowding.…

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