Essay on The Measurement Of E Service Quality

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The extant measurement of E-service quality poses a series of gaps (challenges) and offers a range of opportunities for researchers (Barrutia & Gilsanz, 2009):
a) Few E-service quality definitions have been provided. Mostly they remain ambiguous and there is no consensus regarding the main elements.
b) There is a lack of solid theory-building research and more theory-supported research is needed: as research has often taken an exploratory approach in the development of scales, the structure and meaning of the obtained dimensions have mainly been determined ex-post by results from data analysis. A theoretical framework has hardly been used. Consequently, there should be more studies based upon a theoretical reference for developing scales. This would make it possible to test a pre-specified model structure and thereby help in advancing the study of E-service quality from exploratory to confirmatory approaches.
c) Most of the scales do not fully reflect the customer perception of E-service quality: Some scales and dimensions proposed for measuring E-service quality have not been empirically validated and, solely considering the empirically validated studies, some of them:
i. do not examine the complete purchase experience as they do not include, for instance, aspects of customer service and fulfillment; ii. do not consider the outcome dimensions of quality; and/or employee-customer interactions.
d) E-service quality research exhibits a single channel orientation and does not…

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